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Put a high-performance cutting edge on carbide, ceramics, cermets, HSS, and many PCD/CBN tools. No special training is required… the technology is built into the Accu-Finish SERIES ONE and its wheels. This machine is so effective that resharpened tools out perform new ones.Choose the tool geometry you want and use Accu-Finish to make special tools with just a 30-second setup time. For a remarkably low cost you get longer tool life, better finishes and precise tool geometry every time.The SERIES ONE was designed compact for portability and a lower cost, with all the capabilities to give you the sharpest edge possible.

Ideal if you already own a 5″ Diamond Wheel. 110V/120V, 60 Hz: #001-599B

Product Includes:
• Series ONE Machine
• Wheel Cleaning Stick
• Wheel Whetting Agent
• Spray Bottle

Product Manuals & Available MSDS/SDS

Accu-Finish Series ONE Manual (LIT-240)
MSDS – Wheel Cleaning Sticks(LIT-MSDS-006)
SDS – Wheel Wetting Agent (LIT-SDS-011)

Weight 28.85 lbs

110-120 V, 50 hz